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tv   Representative Mark Walker at 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 2, 2017 3:05pm-3:14pm EST

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affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> more from c spak now. urging new communits to get out the conservative message. >> thank you very much, thank you. >> well, good afternoon. since it is after 12:00 now. thank to you matt schlapp, certainly mercedes. your attendees in your third day, thank you for coming from all part of the country. i am privileged to serve as republican study committee chairman. i rely simply not on my long history of political pedigrees, but rather on my own real life experiences as a pastor.
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as well as time for business and finance. i am a father, husband, son and brother. you see, i've only been serving in congress a little more than 25 months. but it's the experience that i encountered in working with people from all walks of life, that drive my work here in washington or in the state, my home state of north carolina. as pastor for nearly 17 years, i was blessed to work with families. i have witnessed the spiralling fiscal conditions that negatively impactedsome people. as a minister, i saw firsthand leading student and millennials into forsaken neighborhoods. places like cleveland, new york and baltimore. i still remember asking heard of the nonprofit group of a gentleman we were working with there in gentleman and what is
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it with our team of 60 or 70 people, what is it we can bring to you. i remember his answer very distinctly and very specifically. he said, please bring hope. you see, president obama talked much about hope and how he wanted to fundamentally change the future of our country. his brand of change didn't make us stronger. in fact we are weaker because of failed promises with our economy, education, health care, military and defense. in fact in north carolina, homeownership among our minority community are down for nine years in a re. like many of you, i see a different kind of hope in the numbers.. like many of you, i see a different kind of hope in the numbers.o. like many of you, i see a different kind of hope in the numbers.w. like many of you, i see a different kind of hope in the numbers. with a trump/pence administration we are on the fast track to beater america. but it isn't just about what happened in this past november in our presidential election, it is a movement that's been brewing for the last several years.
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listen to these numberes. 3 million more than voted for democrats this past congress. that's a good thing. but think it about it from a historical concept. in 1913 the house of representatives went from 394 to 435. not since that time until the last two congresss have we ever elected 240 republicans in back it back. you know w, i think it is time give credit where credit is due. people like nancy pelosi. i don't want to make nancy pelosi the escape get hescapegot is fitting for a rund round of applause for her help. thank you, nancy. here is the truth, this growing hope didn't begin in congress. winds that have begun to unfurl the cells of this great nation started at grass roots level.
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people like you in our towns, factories, places of worship. ball fields with families and hard-working americans who simply said i've had enough. many of you are part of this change. you worked your butts off to change the course of the future and here is the proof. in 2009 there were 288 democrats. anyone want it take a guess at how many now? 16.anyone want it take a guess how many now? 16. democrats lost a thousand seats and control 91 of the state legislatures. that's to your hard work. why is that? i think the answer is pretty simple. big government policies haven't yielded economic opportunity and upward mobility. instead, they have trapped two generations into a growing dependency on grost. government. i believe that god created every man and woman and boy and girl with special skills. a uniqueness with great abilities. the government has created
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systems that doesn't help people flourish but rather diminishes and literally alters the very best for their lives tp time for good policy for a great america is now. it is with urgency that our unified republican government deliver on promises, promises to repeal and replace obamacare with patient-centered health care choices not additional entitleme entitlements. we must deliver on tax reform that gives new life blood into our economy. we must protect our religious liberties no matter the cost. [ applause ] some of you may remember the tornadoes that did great destructive damage to moore, oklahoma some five or six years ago. i can remember the joint simulcast between nbc and cbs news that evening. as the news came on, brian williams said this, if you're waiting on the federal
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government you may be waiting a while but the baptist men are already here. these nonprofits need protection. they are the ones doing the work. they are the one holding the hand of the addicted. they are the ones rerescuing the traffic. we must continue and fight for the religious liberties. rescuie traffic. we must continue and fight for the religious liberties. rescui traffic. we must continue and fight for the religious liberties. [ applause ] we have talked about the what and discussed the why. allow me to close today with the how. this may not be the most red meat speech you've heard but it is very important. listen to me today. the best policy in the world, if no one hears it, if no one sees it, if it never reaches our audience, then it is worthless and futile. effective conservatism starts with the right policy but the to be successful in the long-term it must have the right approach and the right voice. tone matters. love the people. let's be honest. it took a few years for our
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nation's words to match our actions that all men are created equal. but your generation, you see without discrimination and without prejudice. make time for those who disagree with you. it's easy to preach to the choir but we must take our message to knew places, new neighborhoods, new communities. learn it listen. there is real pain and real fear out there. hold your leaders accountable but remember your fellow man is not your enemy. whether democrat, muslim, minorities or those who identify with the lbgt community, why? because every american deserves the opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness, even those that are unborn. [ applause ] here is the great thing, we have the truth. over the last several decades, the progressive movement failed our society giving us the opportunity to serve and to lead.
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rise above. lead with class and character. and passionately run to those who have suffered under the overbearing and abusive arm of the federal government. along the way, you will have to persevere. because there will be adversity. there will be sacrifice. it will cost you something. many of your peers may sit back and sneer that you are even involved in the political arena. however you're the heros because you're serving without fame or fortune. arthur ash said it this way, true heroism is remarkably sober. very undramatic. it is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost but the urge to serve all others at whatever the cost. my friend, do more than make an argument. make a difference. may god provide the path and may we have the courage to follow. god bless and thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you.


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